Word for the Week...Nov 14---20 / 2005

(v.4)"There is one body and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; (v.5) One Lord, one faith, one baptism.(v.6) One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all."

 To Baptise means to 'immerse'[Gk.].In the N/T we can find several forms of baptism mentioned. This text is referring to... Baptism into Christ...                                                                     [1] Identifying the believer with the Death and Resurrection of Christ.                                                [2]Reckoning the old nature crucified; (Rom.6:11-14)                                                                            [3]Walking in the likeness of Christ's Resurrection, set free from sin;(Rom.6:3-7),(John 8:32).

After repentance and faith,  the act of believer's baptism signifies a new state of heart and mind.Our prime example, in this particular matter, is Jesus Himself. He was baptised by John, in the river Jordan,  ' to fulfill all righteousness'.(Matt.3:15).What does this mean?...                     [1]The Mosaic Law required that all priests be consecrated when they began to be about 30 yrs.old...(Lk.3:23,Num.4:3ff).                                                                                                                       [2]The essence of Jesus public Ministry of King, Prophet and Priest , was to centre in His Priestly work of redemption.                                                                                                                         [3]There was washing, then annointing...(Ex.29:4-7,Lev.8:6-36).                                                       [4] Aaron shared in the washing, being a sinner and needing it, giving a type of the baptism of Christ.                                                                                                                                                        [4] Jesus Graciously identified Himself with us sinners by being baptised,(though not needing this,being sinless), as well as fulfilling the Aaronic type. (Heb.4:15).                                                [5] After Jesus' Baptism, was His annointing, when the Heavens opened and The Holy Spirit    came upon Him .  

The whole  emphasis of the text is to focus on ...

[1] The ONE  Hope of our calling...Jesus Christ.

[2] The ONE True Faith --- in...Jesus Christ.

[3] The ONE True Body --- all believers in Jesus Christ.

[4] The ONE Baptism --- into our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

[5] The ONE Spirit --- The Holy Spirit, Who reveals to us our Lord Jesus Christ.                            

6] The ONE God and Father ---of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May The Lord Bless You.



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