TESTIMONIES... 2001 ----2015"...We wre so happy to have you minister in Kitale.Brethren were very much blessed and we would like to have you back again..." Pastor Stephen Ruto: Kitale Interdenominational Lunch Hour Co-ordinator, KENYA (Aug./05) ".

..I am happy for your prayers, that have done me a lot of good. I had been sick, but now I am healed..." Ms. Alice Ayuma: Kitale, KENYA.(Aug./05) "

...We are saved and we are orphans. We are your children-in-Christ..." Olivia Mukhuana & Oliver Mulongo: Kitale, KENYA.(Aug./05). ".

..Thanks Rev. John..." Rev.Shadrach Atemba:Faith Missions Ministries International, Voi, KENYA (Aug./05)"..

.Thanks for being with us...we are blessed...our lives will never be the same again..." Bijonah Odhiambo:Crusades Organiser,L.D.M., KItale, KENYA.(Aug./05) "..

.Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers..."Ms.Jennifer Luttson:Charity Worker, CONGO, Central Africa.(Apr./05)"..

...I am very grateful for your support & concern in the Ministry..."Pastor Moses Ogada:Victory Church,L.D.M.,  Nakuru, KENYA.(Jun./ 05) "

...I want to register my appreciation for your ministry in our Church..."Bishop Imoite Papa:World Harvest Church, Nairobi, KENYA.(Aug./05)

."Your prayers have been most effective"...Sister Patricia-London,ENGLAND,U.K.(Sept./05).

 "We are most thankful for your... ministry... & spirit... and willingness to serve The Lord."...Pastor Gabriel Thuku: Christian Outreach Church, Kitale, KENYA.(Oct / 05)

 "It's really good to Know about your Ministry...God will help people through you"...Camilla Borges:Brazil, SOUTH AMERICA (Jan /'06).

.."A very Blessed time, at Kabula Crusade / Conference."..Pastor Martin Jackson;Kabula Church;L.D.M., Bungoma,KENYA (April '06)./

"We are Blessed", Pastor Benson Sifma, Christian Foundation Church, L.D.M.,Bungoma, KENYA(April '06) 

/ "I'm particularly thankful for your encouragement"...Asst Proffessor J Macharia;U.S.I.University, Nairobi, KENYA (May '06)./

"May our God Almighty Bless you...It's God's Hand through you..."...Pastor Benson Sifuna, Christian Foundation Church, L.D.M.KENYA.(June '06) 

/ "I was most encouraged by you, servant of God"...Stster Rhoda...London, ENGLAND, U.K.(July '06) 

/ "It is a Divine connection... to locate a man... of God"...Pastor Emmanuel Akintola, Living Word Christian Center, L.D.M., Freetown, SIERRA LEONE, W.Africa.(July '06) /

"We pray that God may send you to our nation"...Evangelist K.Prasad, INDIA.(July '06).

/ "You will go around the world with the Gospel"...Ghanan Pastor, The House on The Rock Church, U.K.(Oct '06).

 " You are a Man of God "...Pastor Abdul Conteh, Living Word Christian Center, L.D.M.,, Sierra Leone.(Oct.06).

"Thankyou for your love and trust"...Pastor Benson Sifuna Khisa, Christian Foundation Church, L.D.M., Bungoma, Kenya.(Dec.'06)

. "I have worked for 29 yrs. now in the Sierra Leone Police Force and have always been denied promotion. I attended the Liberation 2006 Programme. On the last day of the Revival, I was called upon and given promotion. I appreciate God for using Rev.Rogers to prophesy this in my life."...Pastor Hawa...Sierra Leone, W.Africa.(Oct.'06).

"I attended the first day Revival with a severe toothache which also affected my left ear, so that I could not hear with it for 3 days ! As the man of God began to minister I felt a cold wing blow right in my ear and for the first time in 3 days I could hear with my left ear again.I thank God."...Pastor Emmanuel...Sierra Leone...W.Africa.(Oct.'06).

"I have never attended outdoor programmes, but I decided to attend 'Liberation 2006', when Pastor Conteh Invited me.I have been believing God for my children's fees, especially for the one who is attending the College of Medicine. I sowed a seed offering on the second day of the programme, believing God for a financial breakthrough. I received all the money for their fees in a miraculous way The man of God prophesied that 'none shall beg their bread' (Ps.37:25) and since then I have been in abundance. To God be the Glory."...Sister Adama...Sierra Leone..W.Africa.(Oct.'06).

"I am a student doing an Aviation Course and I was about to be asked to leave the College because I could not pay my fees, which were so high. I attended 'Liberation 2006', believing God for a breakthrough. During the last day of the programme I had a feeling that it shall be well with me. As of today, I have paid all my fees for the whole year.Thanks be to God."...Sister Faith Mansaray...Sierra Leone...W.Africa.(Oct.'06).

"My husband used to stay out late at night, having 'fun' with strange women outside his matrimonial home.I was asked to bring his picture during 'Liberation 2006'. His image was annointed and, to the Glory of God, my husband has been liberated and now stays home.I have been diagnosed positive (conceived) for the first time in seven years after I got my first child. Praise God."...Sister Smith...Sierra Leone...W.Africa...(Oct.'06)

. "My business was not doing very well. During the counselling session at 'Liberation 2006', the man of God, Rev. Rogers, encouraged me to keep in faith and that there was going to be a turn-around in my business.He sowed a financial seed to my business, which I used to buy threads for my sewing machines. Since then, my business has drastically improved. Praise God."...Sister Sally...Sierra Leone...W.Africa...(Oct.'06)

. " I was suffering with an ulcer for many years.During the first day of the programme 'Liberastion 2006',The man of God constantly and repeatedly laid hands on me, after every ten minutes or so, whilst he was preaching. God moves in a mysterious way. Today I have the Doctor's confirmation that the ulcer is no more !  " Pastor John Kamara...Sierra Leone...W.Africa...(Oct.2006)

. "Since I took my children to the annointing service of 'Liberation 2006', they have been deliverd of the stubborn spirit, that always lead them out into the streets for days, without my seeing them ! As of now, they are constantly around me at home, with an urge to attend Christian Fellowship Meetings.Thanks be to God."...SisterJoy...Sierrra Leone...W.Africa...(Oct.'06

)." Men always used me and dumped me. They would come with good intentions, but after a while they would vanish into 'thin air'.I attended the 'Liberation 2006' Revival and the man of God declared that we were to target one thing that refused to leave us, so that the matter would be settled, there and then. I poured out my heart to God...and to God be the Glory...I will be marrying in February 2007.Please keep me in your prayers"... Sister Emelia...Sierra Leone...W.Africa...(Oct.'06).

  "...I want to thank the special people, who touched my life with their concern and made my life more meaningful.You are one of them Thankyou for your contribution to my life"...Elizabeth...U.K....(Dec. '06). 

 "Thankyou for praying and supporting me morally while on missions. I have seen God honouring your prayers becauese you honour Him.(1 Sam.2:30)"...Pastor Benson Sifuna...Bungoma, Kenya...(Jan. 2007.).

.."I feel much better after you prayed for me"...Sister Cynthia...U.K....(Jan.2007).

.."I have a new job, thanks for your prayers."...Sister Cynthia...U.K.(Jan.2007).

..."I came to U.K. feeling hopeless and despairing, but the help, prayers and encouragement you gave me have been a great Blessing to me. I feel much better and have hope for the future, now I am back home."...Sister Beatrice...Zambia...(April 2007)

." You have been a great Blessing to me in many ways"...Brother Wilmot...U.K....(May 2007).

..."We have received Miracle provision from The Lord.Thanks for your prayers, we now have Speakers for the P.A. Eqpt." Snr Pastor Abdul Conteh...[L.D.M.] Sierra Leone..(April 2007)

 ."We now have Speakers for our P.A. Eqpt. Praise The Lord ! and thanks for your prayers."...Pastor Benson Sifuna...[L.D.M.] Bungoma, Kenya....(May 2007)

."We have been abundantly Blessed to meet and know you"...Gareth and Grace., Wolverhampton U.K...(.May 2007).

.."Thankyou for helping us to be where we are today...we thank God for you"...Pastor Benson Sifuna...Bungoma, Kenya...(June 2007)

.."I thank you for the great Blessing you have been to my life"..Alan Wasike..U.K.. (June 2007).

.."After you prayed, the train was delayed, enabling me to catch it ! Praise The Lord !" Brother Wilmot U.K....(August 2007)..

."Glory to God, my wife was successful in her job interview held in January. Thankyou for praying with us...Pastor Benson Sifuna...[LDM] Bungoma, Kenya...(Sept 2007)

. "Thankyou for praying I have a job now"...Dayna, Romanian Christian...U.K....(Feb.2008

)."I have arrived back safe in Kenya, thankyou for your prayers"...Sister Cecelia...(April 2008)

. "After your prayers for my son he has come to his senses and turned away from alcoholism and drug abuse"..Ms.Veronica..May 2008

." I feel so much better after you have prayed for me" ...Ms.Lisa May 2008.

I Thank God for having met you. I have been temendously Blessed by your Ministry...Ms. Veronica...December 2008.

..."I have been greatly Blessed by your Ministry, especially in terms of prophesy and teaching The Word of God"...Brother McCharles...U.K....March 2009.

.."The people of Kenya were blessed to hear your preaching"...Evangelist Fredrick Mutichiro..Nakuru,,Kenya..March 2009.

.."You are most welcome"...Dr. Owour, Prophet...Nairobi, March...2009..

.."Man of God, we are most Blessed by your presence with us at this convention"...Snr.Pastor Martin Thom, 11th hr.Labourers Ministries, Malawi, Africa. May/June 2009.

.."thankyou for the time you spent here in Malawi. You Blessed a lot of people and I thank God mostly, for through Him you came. "...Brother Clement Malawi June 2009..

."Thanks for your prayer...I am now healed !...Charity ..U.K....Oct.2009"..

.Thankyou for praying for my employment situation...I now have a job ! Praise the Lord!!!...Hayley...U.K.....November 2009..

..thanks for your care and support. May The Lord Bless you..Sister Charity... December 2009. .

.."I got the job...Thankyou for praying for this."..sister Charity...U.K.Feb.2010.

..Many saved, healed and delivered, during Kenya mission August/September 2010. Maasai area reached for Christ...Pastors welcomed Overseer and Ministry.also. 

.."Thankyou for attending our U.K. mens prayer breakfast, we have been blessed with your presence."Mr.N*****.Revival Chapel;Herts. U.K.

.." My husband now has a job and we are no longer in danger of eviction. Thankyou for all your prayers to this end .Glory to God." Mrs L..Hatfield U.K. Feb.2011. .

..'Thankyou for praying for our Baby, he Is now sleepin vey well. Praise God'. ..Tanzanian Couple..WGC Herts. April 2011.

..."After your prayers I have felt like a huge weighthas been lifted from my shoulders, so thankyou so much." Ms.C....Hatfield Herts May 2011..

..'Thankyou for pryer...I am now sleeping much better.'.Sister P.Hatfield U.K..26 / 6 / 2011..

.'Thankyou for your Ministry at our Churches of Rafiki Farm, Rongai, Koinange;Nakuru& Nakuru altar.'...Bishop Onjoro, Kings Outreach Ministry, Kenya.E.Africa.

..."You have ministered The grace of God to me"..Peter, U.K. 31/112011..

.."I walked out of the hospital healed after my heart by-pass operation !!!...you had prayed for me, I give God all the Glory"..Gordon_ WGC U.K....1/12/2011.

.."I have Improved Status here in U.K....with 'Indefinite leave to remain'...Sister 'E' 1st  April 2012.

..House / Job / schools all Blessings received By The Lord in Answer to prayer...Praise His Wonderful Name..Sister x 2 April 2012. .

.."New home in a new area, Blessed with wonderful Fellowship now"...Sister X Hatfield Herts U.K. 30/4/2012..

.."I have a University place in September...Thankyou for praying !...Praise The Lord !...Sister 'D' U.K. 10 may 2012..

."CANCER GONE !!!...Ptaise The Lord ...Thankyou for praying...Sister X Hatfield U.K. ...June 2012.

.."I am healed and delivered ...Glory be to God"...Ms.x...Esageri FGCK Kenya ...August 2012.

.."Many healed and delivered from generational curses"...Pastor Festus....Rafiki Farm Repentance Church...August 2012..

." I was one of 1% of people who suffered from Graves disease very badly. I had strokes, high blood pressure, an enlarged heart. It caused eye disease and I couldn't even walk. The only remedy is to 'kill off' your thyroid  ! They couldn't do that because my eyes were so bad,... or tablets for the rest of your life! I was taking 33 tablets a day, but now none ! After your prayers ......I AM TOTALLY HEALED...Thankyou JESUS ". Ms. P.... St.Albans Herts UK....March 2013..

.."Thankyou for your prayer I now have a choice of " Jobs !!!"...Brother R. U.K. April 2013.

.."Thankyou for attending and officiating at our Church Inauguration...we are Blessed !"...Pastor McCharles UK. May 2013.

..."M***** is doing well and we see the hand of God upon her. Thankyou for your prayers."..Brother David U.K.June 2013.

..."Thankyou for your prayers...my son H**** has fully recovered from his tummy upset ! Glory to GOD ."Ms Hillary--- UK 27/6/2013.

.."Thankyou so much for your prayers. I feel very annointed and am blessing everyone I speak to.! My daughter wonder why I am so happy.x"Ms Anne.Liverpool UK.16/7/2013.

thankyou for praying for me...I now have a house of my own -I Praise The Lord for this secure accommodation' Ms.K...UK 9/9 2013

....Thankyou for your prayer.the Baby was delivered with NO PROBLEM Hallelujah !...Ms.x...Hatfield uk 12/9/2013..

..thankyou for praying for my sister she has been discharged from the hospital ...glory to God !!!...sister E ..UK ..18/9/2013.

..Thankyou for praying ...ny son's documents came in a few days (instead of weeks)and he can go on the school trip now !!!Hallelujah !...sister M UK 15/9/2013..

.'Thankyou for praying for my 2yr.old son..he was checked at the G.P.and all bleeding from his ear had stopped' Sister E.U.K. 1 Dec 2013..

.'Thanks a lot for your prayers...we really appreciate...t**'s recovery has been tremendous and he is still in hdu at A*********** hospital awaiting further ops.' Ms K uk 24/11/2013..

."my sleep is much better now after your prayers for me.I Praise The lord for His goodness"...sister G uk  19/ 3/2014.

.."Thankyou for your prayers my mother is now well and at home , having been discharged from the hospital...Glory to God"...sister M.uk 3 may 2014.

."Thankyiu for all your prayer...my son is now well"...sister H.uk 4 MAy 2014..

.." God healed my head" !...Bother E...UK...1/6/2014..

.."After much prayer...our daughter got the school of her choice...Glory to God". J...uk...10 July 2014...

.."Thankyou for your prayers...I can never be the same and am indeed Blessed !!!"...Ms. P..U.K. ...3/8/2014..

.."Thankyou for prayer, my shoulder is free from pain and healed now"...Brother K...UK...30/11/2014.

.."Thankyou for praying...my house is being improved with good progress after many hindrances"...Sister M...UK...30'11'2014..


.."THANKYOU FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS...YOU ARE A AMN OF GOD"...Sister Patricia U.K....1/5/2015.

.."MY MOTHER IS NOW WELL, THANKYOU FOR PRAYING FOR HER"...Pastor Joseph Kutty...Kenya...3 / 8 / 2015.

..My mother has been healed of a tumour ...thankyou for your prayer...Rev. J.Rogers UK 7/10/2015.

.."Thankyou for your prayers I have now a new accommodation far more appropriate for my needs."..Sister M....U.K.1/11/2015..

."Thankyou for your prayers...my mother has been relieved of her burden and the man now has a job and accommodation of his own ...Hallelujah !"...sister M...U.K. 1/11/2015..

.Thankyou so much for your prayers .My Baby was born with NO COMPLICATIONS...Ms x UK March 2016.

.."THANKYOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS...THE DEMONIC OPPRESSION HAS GONE !!!...Hallelujah !!!...Sister K...UK...April / May 2016..

."Broken leg healed in 3 places"...PRAISE THE LORD...Zimbabwe June 2016.

...finances miraculously supplied...Zimbabwe June 2016.

..Healed of tumour in stomach...Zimbabwe June 2016.

..Delivered from demonic oppression...Zimbabwe June 2016 .

..Mr. K healed totally from stomach tumour after prayer from Mrs. Milka Rogers in Kenya ....31/8/2016

...Ms T leg healed after prayer UK Church 25/11/2016..

.Thankyou for your prayers...I was discharged from hospital the next day ! [diagnosed appendicitis and stomach ulcers]...Sister E...U.K. 4/12/2016..

.Thankyou for praying for me...I obtained acco,,odation for my family within that week !...sister S 10/12/2016..

. I received a prophesy that I would get exactly the right course to be a Chartered Surveyor and The Lord gave me a course at University ...! ..sister H...U.K. 3/7/2017..

."Thanks Man of God for your faithful time and ministry,,,we were mightily blessed"...Bishop P.M.Thipa Calvary Family Church Nottingham U.K. 20 /08 / 2017

. Man Healed from 42 cancerous conditions after prayers of Ministry...Praise The Lord ...January 2018..

."The Word of knowledge and prophesy you gave at our Church was exact and correct in every detail"....Pastor John Miaka Eldoret Church Kenya 8/4/2018..

."Several people came to The Lord trough the evangelism and many were spoken to by The Lord in your time of Church Ministry including one person delivered from demons" ...Rev. Julius Maundu...Ongata Rongai Church nairobi Kenya...9-15 April 2018...

."PRAISE tHE LORD i WALKED OUT OF THE HOSPITAL COMPLETELY HEALED OF CANCER...Thankyou for all your prayers. Sister D...Edinburgh Scotland...28/11/2018..

.Sister Josephine prayed for sick cow laying down and immediately it got up well... Praise The Lord !!!...Kenya May 2019..

."Thankyou for Blessing us"...Rev. Silas Chepsegon Nakuru Kenya...22/8/2019 ...

"Welcome again...we also appreciate our presemce...for some reason we feel Gods presence when you are around"...Sister Alice...Nakuru District Kenya .

.Baby girl healed from Downs Syndrome after prayer..." praise The Lord !...Thankyou for praying for my baby daughter ...when taken to the doctor there was NO SIGN of the illness.. Pastor G. UK 10/10/2019...

Healed of Lukemia...Ms X of south london Healed of cancer of the blood after prayer by Overser and wife of L.D.M. ...ALL GLORY TO GOD...[Psalm 107:20]


"My baby is totally well now...Thankyou  so much for your prayers"...sister M...USA..12/11/2020

"Thankyou  for  your  prayers.  The medical  staff  gave me 7 dressing for my son ....after 2 dressing  he was completely  healed from the cancer . Glory to God "...Sister B. U.K....24/2/2021

"Thankyou  for your prayers. My son  is now discharged from hospital and  completely  well."..Mr.J....Kenya...27/2/2021




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