Word for the Week...May 8-14 / 2006

"God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must Him in spirit and in truth."

Our worship of God must flow out of a grateful response to all He has done for us. Religion will always seek to 'do' something for God, but true Spirituality rests on the finished work of Calvary.(John 19:30). Isaiah saw the angels worshipping God and he realised that all else; evangelistic, pastoral, apostolic and prophetic, flows out from this first priority.(Is.6:1-8).                 That is why satan has so longed and yearned after this prize. It also explains why so much 'worship' is void of sound doctrine and depth, especially  in the area of modern-day Hymns and Choruses ! Of Course, there are still many who uphold holiness and combine this with accomplished musicianship. For such we thank God.                                                                      The enemy never sleeps, however. Therefore we are to remain 'sober and vigilant' to the end.(1 Peter 5:8) Don't be afraid to discern ! Because the Holy Spirit will lead you into all the Truth. It is His Glorious Work, from beginning to end. We will work out our salvation with fear and trembling, (Phil 2:12-13), but we must remember that The Lord is the Initiator, Sustainer and Consummator  of our faith. The conclusion is this...only those who are in right relationship, through saving faith in their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, can offer this acceptable worship unto God.                                                                  May The Lord Bless you.   

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