Word for the Week...MAY 7 ---13 / 2007

"So she quickly emptied the jug into the watering trough and ran down to the well again...."[nlt]

What a contrast to the self-serving attitudes of most individuals, who would leave others to their own devices ! Rebekah had a pleasant and cheerful disposition. She was not afraid of hard work and her care for those in need shone through. Who knows how God will reward you if you 'go the extra mile' as this woman did ? Everyone is looking for someone who is willing to help anyone ! This wonderful woman was such a person. As the Church lives out what it purports to believe, the lost will be won and the Gospel will go forward.{1 Joh 3:16-18]. Let us meditate on the rewards that God poured out upon this female with a 'servant-heart '... and seek to emulate her compassion !

May The Lord Bless you.

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