Word for the Week...May 22 ---28 / 2006

"Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit..." 

As we read these verses, carefully and prayerfully, we begin to realize how far we have drifted from the N/T pattern of Church meetings. Verse seven says..."the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal." Obviously, the 'one-man-band' idea of ministry was nowhere to be seen !!! What was the norm then ? Simply this...everyone was a minister of God's grace...'body-ministry' ,and they used whatever gift they were given, to benefit and upbuild the Church as a whole. (Eph.4:12).

Of course, men have always sought for power and control, so it is no suprise that sooner, rather than later, this God-ordained concept was lost to the Church. Jesus condemns the 'nicolaitians', (in His address to the Churches in the book of Revelation),  an elitist group who emerged to 'lord it' ('nicos'-Gk.) over the common people ('laity'-Gk.), in the people's best interests(???)  Those Spiritually mature leaders, who are gifted to lead, will know enough to allow the free move of The Holy Spirit, at the risk of 'Programme'!. Inevitably, some will be offended, but we are to please God, not men ! and as we allow The Holy Spirit room to move we will all be much more blessed, by His Glorious Presence. New wine must have new wineskins!

May The Lord Bless you. 

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