Word for the Week...MAY 21 ---27 / 2007

"Then God remembered Rachel, and God listened to her and opened her womb. And she conceived and bore a son, and said,'God has taken away my reproach'. So she called his name Joseph, and said,'The Lord shall add to me another son' "

The Name Joseph means 'He will add', in the Hebrew. God Is no man's Debtor and He added a son to Rachel, the one who Jacob had originally Intended to marry, before the deceit of Laban ! God never forgets anyone! His 'record book' Is always complete in every detail ! and He will never fail His people. It may be the case that a period of waiting is involved...go the distance and you will surely see the reward of The Most High God !!! Rachel must have been bitter for a number of reasons... Nevertheless, she realised the fact  that... when God has Ordained the Blessing ...no man or demon can stop it from coming to pass !  (Rom.8:37-39).This fact cheered her soul and she saw God's Blessing In her life. Her son would be a great man, a 'type', or prefigurement of Christ. God Is Totally trustworthy. We need to approach Him with the willingness to adapt to His Divine timescale, in terms of His plan for our lives. After all...our times are in HIS Hands...

May The Lord Bless you. 


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