Word for the Week...MAY 14 ---20 / 2007

"But because Leah was unloved, The Lord let ther have a child"...[nlt]

As is abundantly clear from this passage, The Lord took up Leah's case ! and HE will take up your's also ! We do not have to fear and fret over what man may, or may not, do for, or to, us !because The Lord knows those who are His... and He will Intervene on their behalf.            There will come times when every hand may seem to be against us...but that is when we are being prepared... for the Miracle-Working Intervention of The Lord !!!  As we realize, through our life experience of the 'walk of faith', the amazing care and Love of The Lord over our lives, we see that He Is ever-faithful to keep His Promises and Indeed... 'He will never leave us nor forsake us'...[Heb.13:5b]. A great secret to receiving our Miracle is... to keep trusting in HIS unfailing love. By so doing, we do not give the enemy a foothold, with his seeds of doubt and fear ! [James 1:6-8]...... Instead we give Glory to God ...Who manifests HIS Victory in our lives and ministries !

May The Lord Bless you.

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