Word for the Week...MARCH 26 ---APRIL 1 / 2007

" ...to Whom else shall we go? Thou only hast the words of eternal life".  [kjv]

Peter, that outspoken and impulsive of all the disciples, clearly makes his feelings known to The Lord yet again ! The world offers many and varied experiences and titillations. There seems no end to the distractions available in the hectic modern world of 'high-tec.' and intercontinental travel! not to mention intergalactic travel !!!

One thing is needful... and Peter has 'hit the nail on the head' when we make it a priority to spend quality time with The Lord, all other pursuits pale into insignificance. After all, it is HE Alone, Who Has the Ultimate Control and our destinies as Christians are inextricably linked to HIM...are they not ???  Lets put our priorities in order as we approach this season of Easter.

May The Lord Bless you.

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