Word for the Week...MAR 12 ---18 / 2007

"Then Samuel told him everything and hid nothing from him."

How often have we been tempted to compromise the Truth ? The temptation to be 'economical' comes as the enemy sows seeds of fear, doubt, and unbelief into our minds...'What if' ? ..'.But supposing they dont believe me' ! 'Who am I to say such a thing' ?...etc.,etc.                              What we need to do is consider this small boy and his absolute obedience to The Lord. Whatever the  consequences... Samuel would obey God ! The Bible tells us that 'fear of man is a snare'. God is not mocked and He always repays those who Honour HIM...as welll as those who scorn HIM...                                                                                                                                         The death of Eli and his sons was the Divine retribution, justly administered, on those who purported to be Servants of The Lord...yet abused their rank and position, for sinful and selfish motives. Their ungodliness did nothing to encourage the people to follow The Lord, but HE was raising up a man who would serve faithfully and truly, with awe and reverent fear...Samuel.

Let us follw Samuel's Godly example and live wholly for The Lord, in Spirit and in Truth.(John 4:24).

May The Lord Bless you.   

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