Word for the Week...July 30 ---August 5 / 2007

"So she went and did according to the word od Elijah"...

The widow of Zarepath was ready to obey The Lord's directive spoken through the voice of His Prophet Elijah. What a transformation !!! Just a little earlier she had been ready to die with her son after consuming her meagre rations ! It can be so difficult to  'let go and let God'. He will always challenge us, above and beyond our natural resources, when He is preparing us to receive a miracle !!! By releasing her grip on the natural, the woman, in obedience to The Lord, made room for the manifestaion of the miraculous ! HALLELUJAH !!! Our God Is Able. Amen.

The Lesson for us is clear...at the time we need a miracle, we need to loosen our grip on the natural also, as The Lord guides us, so as to make room for our MIRACLE !!!

May The Lord Bless you.  

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