Word for the Week...JULY 25 --- 30 / 2006

" Paul also and Barnabas continued in Antioch, teaching and preaching the Word of The Lord, with many others also.(v.36) And some days after, Paul said unto Barnabas, let us go again and visit out brethren in every city where we have preached The Word of The Lord, and see how they do." 

Both Paul and Barnabas knew that it is one thing to Affirm, but quite another to Confirm, that which The Lord has done in a persons life. Their intention to embark on a second missionary journey was in order to strengthen those Churches in their faith, as well as monitor their growth.  'Barnabas' means 'son of encouragement' (or 'prophesy'- Strongs Gk.note 921).' Paul' means'little'-(Strongs Gk.note 3972). He would have had to be, in order to be lowered in a basket from a window, to avoid his enemies, at one time ! [ Acts 9:25 ].                                             Oh, how we need encouragement in the Church today !!! The are so many critics, whose sole aim is to hinder and thwart the purposes of God at every turn ! What is required is ENCOURAGEMENT !!! There were no 'hidden agendas' between Paul and Barnabas. They were only, (and totally), concerned with The Kingdom of God. When such a rare Partnership as this occurs, by Divine Appointment, the results are far-reaching and of great consequence. There is much talk today of 'networking'... an idea not bad in itself...but 'Except The Lord Builds the house'....! (Psalm 127:1).                                                                                                                   The two men in question were brought together by The Holy Spirit and the fruit and gifts were manifested, henceforth, in great abundance.[ Acts 13:2 ]. As we seek The Lord, He will show us who we are to be with and for what purpose...

May The Lord Bless you.      

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