Word for the Week...JULY 16 --- 22 / 2007

"Now when Abigail saw David she dismounted quickly from the donkey..."[nkjv]

Abigail had the presence of mind to act quickly and decisively, in avoiding a disaster ! Of course, the end was in sight for Nabal, but great damage would also have befallen David, had he fulfilled his 'mission' on this occasion ! When we suffer injustice,  it is so easy to cry out 'revenge', bur The Lord will repay... and our part is to wait on HIM...His Judgement will surely come. Women such as Abigail have always been very few and far between !!!...She wanted what was best for David, knowing his Annointing as King of Israel, in the near future. She prophesied with accuracy concerning his life...and must have held him in the highest esteem. David wasted no time in making her his wife ! If  Christian singles are ever so Blessed to meet such a potential partner, and if there is no Christian / legal barrier, let them not hesistate in making their proposal !

May The Lord Bless you.   

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