Word for the Week...JULY 10 ---16 / 2006

"James,a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting."

James, along with Peter and John, was to be a part of an inner circle of three disciples, who witnessed things the others did not see.One example is Jesus' Transfiguration; (Matt.17:1,2).James was also present with the other two disciples on several significant occasions at which The Lord presented them with signs wonders and miracles. The purpose of this was to strengthen their faith In Him..thus enabling them to stand steadfast, during the tough times that were sure  to come. What defies the logic of the 'world', is that these three men  were unlearned fishermen ! who, by the enabling Power of The Holy Spirit, managed to turn the 'world' upside down!... within a few short years of Jesus'  Resurrection from the dead.Along with Peter and John, James died a martyrs death. He was a man who knew clearly where he was going and this 'world' had nothing to offer him ! If ever the Church needed more James'...            it needs them today !!! Men who say 'NO' to compromise and 'YES' to The Lordship of Jesus over their entire lives !

May The Lord Bless you.

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