Word for the Week...JANUARY 29 ---FEB 4 2007


There are several kinds of 'Control'. The one referred to, here in this text, is the discipline of self-control, without which we will not gain the mastery over the 'flesh', thus allowing The Holy Spirit unhindered access into our lives.Is it essential that we have that extra cream cake?Is it essential that we have the cream cake??? !!!.Do we have to explode with anger 'at the drop of a hat' ? or could we keep our emotions in check??? Is it vital that we mount up debt in order to 'keep up with the Joneses' ??? Paul writes much of the athlete who goes into strict training in order to compete well in the 'games'. The analogy is clear, to those of us who tire of mediocrity and complacency in our Christian lives. By ordering our fleshly appetites and desires, we are not 'anti-materialistic', rather we are coming into line with Jesus Commands [and just demands] to His Disciples...Matt.5... viz...''When you...fast...give alms...pray...'

Of course, this will never be palatable to a hedonistic, worldly, comfortable Church ...It takes radical people to make an Impact ! 'The by-word is...'Others may...I cannot'

Lets go on into all that He has called us to be. To God be the Glory.! 

May The Lord Bless you.

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