Word for the Week...JAN 30 --- FEB 5 / 2006

"And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself, that whaere I am, there ye may be also".

The Doctrine of The 2nd coming of Christ is not some obscure fable, dreamed up by theologians, out to make a name for themselves ! This vital truth is, in fact, mentioned throughout scripture. For every verse concerning Jesus first Coming, there are many more concerning His 2nd advent ! Every Word of God Is True and Christ will most assuredly come again.Death could not hold Him, earth could not hold Him...Jesus... our Resurrected, Ascended Lord ! He Has dominion over space and time as we comprehend them and thus...                    He Is Able to ...

[1] Return to earth.   [2] Receive His Own.  [3] Take them to be with Him.                                             [4] Deal justly with those who remain. [5] Consummate all things. 

Most Christians agree that the scriptures are the inerrant Word of God, as does this Ministry. When we collate all the relevant Scriptures concerning this topic, we have to conclude that there will be a future rapture of the Church.May The Lord give us the grace to be the Overcomers who take part in this event, as opposed to the remainder of lukewarm 'Christendom'(Rev.3:14---22).

May The Lord Bless you as you study and meditate on these things...

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