Word for the Week...JAN 1 ---7 / 2007


In the second world war the Japanese suicide pilot was totally committed to his cause. He showed complete faithfulness to his grim task, without wavering, or diverting from the objective. In more recent times, the suicide bomber has done the same. As Christians we do not commend these activities or their perpetrators. However, in their stickability they serve a purpose in explaining the kind of fathfulness... to the end...(REV.12:11)...which The Lord is seeking in those who proffess to be HIS.Of course, there can be no higher calling than to be faithful to the Truth... Personified in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. After all HE said.."I AM The Truth"...(John 14:6).Man is capable of much...even misplaced loyalty...as we have seen.

May The LORD give us boldness, courage and commitment to stand for the Truth in our personal lives and witness,in this New Year of  2007...'Anno Domini' [Latin- 'The Year of Our Lord'].

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