Word for the week...FEB1-8 2011

"The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands" [nkjv]

Bulding takes great care and, in many cases, much time..whereas demolition can be done relatively fast and carelessly, in comparison !!! The Lord Is saying here in His Word that it does not take a 'PH.D' to destroy something He Has Ordained...and the Institution of the family is under attack as never before. In God's Word we read here that the woman Is to BUILD the home. This Is accomplished best by [1] selflessly planning the best for all [2] obediently heeding the voice of The Holy Spirit... as He Is the One from Whom all true wisdom emanates.

But there are satanic devices afoot to bring about chaos and confusion ...where once peace abounded ! Oh that we might be more aware of the enemies tactics ! How precious Is Godly Wisdom ???......more so than gold, silver, etc.

That which Is Infinitely of more worth than any currency of man....cannot be purchased by the same.

Only at the point of yieldedness toThe Lord, can either gender hope to express His good and perfect Will...

May The Lord Bless you.


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