Word for the Week...FEB 25 ---MAR 4 / 2007

"Where can I flee from thy Spirit"...[Ps.139...kjv]

David knew that, above all else, The Lord was with him always. this experiential knowledge gave David the courage to persevere amidst many trials and tribulations. David had heard from God, he had been ordained by the Prophet Samuel and was assured that The Lord's purposes would ultimately manifest in his life. Despite all that the devil tried to do (kill, steal and destroy)...David held fast to his faith in The One who would prove Worthy of his total trust and worship...The One Who had knit him together in his mother's womb...YAWEH The God of Israel. We, too, can depend on Him to be with us as we journey through life...(Heb.13:5b)...Through our faith in Christ Jesus  we have become heirs of Salvation. He will lead us and care for us as He did David...all the days of our lives...(Psalm 23). 

May The Lord Bless you.   

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