Word for the Week,,,AUGUST 6 ---12 / 2007

"So she went from him and shut the door behind her and her sons,..."[nkjv]

We must continue to bear in mind that our God is not limited by the natural ! In our estimation, the woman had very little and she was in a position of jeopardy. Believe this...when your resources have come to an end...God will move on your behalf ! IF you have the Faith to trust Him and do what He says. The woman obeyed the prophet's directions to the letter. By shutting the door, she was ensuring that there was a separation between herself and the 'world'...which is always full of unbelief and doubt. She chose to stay in the place of Complete Faith and the result was a Miracle of Multiplication! Hallelujah ! Our God has an abundance of supply just waiting for those who will take HIM at His Word ! In the N/T, JESUS repeated this type of MIRACLE on at least two separate occasions ! The woman was in a far better position, in a very short space of time ! When we hear the Rhema Word of God...we had better get moving in FAITH ! Then we will also receive our MIRACLE !

May THe Lord Bless you.


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