Word for the Week...AUGUST 27 ---SEPT 2 / 2007

"...Esther obeyed the command of Mordecai as when she was brought up by him." [nkjv]

Ancient History shows us that the word 'respect' played an Important role in the Destiny of a woman called Esther, as well as, ultimately, her Nation.  In fact, she displayed great wisdom in heeding Mordecai, despite her new-found wealth,Influence and power, as Queen of Persia ! You see, we can all be humble when we have very little ! The test comes when we are Blessed ! Then our character shows through clearly.... Pride is always exhibited in those who are short-sighted, concerning their Destiny. Job said...'The Lord gives and The Lord takes away..' Let us take this lesson, from this great woman of Faith, 'on board'... and retain the respect due to those who have our best concerns at heart, especially when we are 'exalted in due time'. !!!

May The Lord Bless you.


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