Word for the Week...AUGUST 20 ---26 / 2007

"So the woman arose and did according to the saying of the man of God".[nkjv]

The world can only see the natural, but the people of God have access to the supernatural. The prophet Elisha spoke to the woman and she DID what he told her to do ! Now, ' Faith is a fact, but Faith is an act '.so when we get a Word from The Lord we had better get moving !                 In this case it was a matter of life and death ! The famine lasted for 7 Yrs.! Long enough for many to die of hunger ! But this particular woman had been kind to Elisha and had revered the man of God, providing for his needs. ( 2 Kngs 4:8 -10 ).Whatever we give unto The Lord will be Honoured by HIM. We also need to realize that anything the devil has stolen MUST be returned to God's People, oftentimes sevenfold ! (V.6). It may be that you have been in a 'desert place' for a season...Don't despair ! In due time The Lord will deliver you... and anything that the devil has stolen will be RETURNED to you. !!!    

May The Lord Bless you.

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