Word for the Week...APRIL 30 ---MAY 6 / 2007

"Then she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her; You-are- the- God-who-sees"...[nkjv]

What happened to Hagar ? She was a 'pawn in an elaborate game of chess, played by Abraham and his unbelieving wife ! It is no good our trying to do God's will our way...It must be done HIS way ...then we will see results ! That which is born of the flesh is indeed flesh ! We must wait for the Promise to be manifested in our lives. Patience is so often an essential ingredient of faith ! Let''s make sure that we steer clear of profucing 'Ishmael's' in our lives and ministries. God's timing is Perfect. As we grow in wisdom, we see that  HE Is never panicked into a hurry concerning the fulfillment of HIS Will.The Blessed Promise of The Lord is worth Infinitely more than all the Ishmael's there could ever be !!!

May The Lord Bless you.



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