Word for the Week...24 ---30 / 3/ 2006

"...I heard the voice of The Lord saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me."

It was never the plan and purpose of God for the Church to stay 'rooted to the spot', avoiding  venturing forth with the Gospel, 'into all the world'...(Matt.28:18-20). Of course, growth in the Christian life requires nurture, care, instruction and correction, of a Pastoral nature, Ideally in a local Church setting...but the Church which is alive and healthy must continually keep in sight it's God- given objectives to [1] reach the lost & [2] make disciples. This is in the 'present continuous' tense... Whilst Buldings are a neccessity (?)...and, May The Lord Bless the work of our hands ! , we need to continue to hold forth the Word of Life, because WE are being built up into a spiritual house...(1 Peter 2:5).                                                                                                     How is this achieved?...                                                                                                                                                   By  the Ministry of [1] The Word [2] Worship [3] Witness [4] Prayer.

As the Leadership of the Church invest their time and talents into these 4 main areas, they will see rapid results in [a]the maturity and [b]numbers  of those under their Spiritual Authority...to the Glory of God...In this brief passage of scripture we get an Insight into the Heart of God for souls...so precious in His sight, He would not have any to perish...(2 Peter 3:9).The Trinity of The Godhead is clearly shown...'Us'... as well as the prophet's immediate faith-filled response...'send me'. Isaiah knew that in order to preach effectively, he had to be sent by The Lord. HIS commissioning was sufficient to fulfil the task...even though few were actually saved! (v.13). 

May The Lord Bless you.      

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