Word for the week January 1-7... 2011

"But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you." [nkjv]

Just how many Christians, Churches, Ministers, Ministries,etc., etc., are truly seeking FIRST the kingdom of God today ???

Many are running sophisticated businesses, with ever-increasing 'mailshots', soliciting for funds, on all manner of dubious pretexts, in order to keep the gigantic wheels of their 'heavenly enterprises' turning !!!

The fact Is, that there are many 'kingdoms' being built today, but very few are truly in touch with JESUS CHRIST...The One they claim to represent !!!

Just a couple of hundred years ago, in the U.K., a Christian by the name of George Muller, cared for numerous orphans


There Is a well-known story that... one day he was told there was no food ...Immediately George Muller looked up heavenwads and prayed out loud...'Father, we thank you for what we are about to receive'...then he sat down. A few moments after, there was a knock at the door...when it was opened, there was no-one there !!!... but a large basket containing bread and other essentials was on the doorstep. !!!! Praise The Lord !...That is the result of relationship !!!!!

In this new year of 2011, let everyone who names The Name of Christ Jesus depart from all Iniquity and fully surrender to The Lord all that they are, have and do...for His Glory.  AMEN.  

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