Word for the Month...AUGUST 2021

"He changes the times and the seasons...He removes kings and sets up kings..." [Daniel 2:21] [nkjv]

When we are tempted to become perplexed at current affairs and situations, we need to bear one Important fact in mind...The Lord Is in Control...as seen here in Daniel. Nothing is a suprise to Him. He knows the end from the beginning. let us put our full trust and focus in Him... and we will never be dismayed.

The Head of the Church in England ( and the world) Is JESUS...and He will Judge those who propose such blatantly evil malpractices as the ordination of Homosexual clergy, paedophiles, LGBT,  etc  for example...!!!

For further study ...

                           examine the dictionary meaning of the word ...

                                                                 'APOSTASY' ... !!!


May The Lord Bless you.

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