Word for the Month... SEPTEMBER 2022

"...for we shall all stand before the judgement seat of Christ."

Romans 14:10 [nkjv]

We may have various giftings and callings...offices and ministries...positions and titles...credentials and validations...certificates and diplomas...but we need to remember that our first and foremost priority is our walk with The Lord. He alone Is worthy to Judge all others and all will give their account to Him, one day in the future. Let us keep our garments clean and maintain a humble attitude as we see the Day drawing near...we can leave condemnation to the devil...and extend mercy to those brethren who may have erred and strayed from the path....Jesus left the 99 sheep and sought out the stray....we can do likewise, and demonstrate the Father heart of God....LOVE COVERS THE MULTITUDE OF SINS. The 'flight schedule' for the Church today is this...Depart from gossip and slander...and Arrive at the place of prayer, praise and thanksgiving....Bon Voyage !!!!!!!!!!!

May The Lord Bless you.



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