Word for the Month...SEPTEMBER 2016

" I am not ashamed of the gospel...because it is the Power of God for salvation to everyone who believes..."

Paul is endeavouring to Inspire the Roman Church to be bold in their witness to The Risen Saviour..our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why?...It is only from HIM that anyone can obtain forgiveness of sin and eternal life.[Rom.6:23]                                              

Though it was aproximately 2000 yrs. ago when Paul wrote this Letter, the words still ring true , Why?... because The Word of God IS THE TRUTH and Is timeless, yet within time ,  , The Word of God IS Eternal....Nothing and No-one can ever destroy it...! Though men and demons have tried to nullify It,... deny, scorn, ridicule and slander it,... misinterpret, peddle and distort It ...abuse, misuse, etc. The Word of God Reigns SUPREME.  

With the Illumination of The Holy Spirit, we can receive and understand it....and IT WILL change our lives...!!! for the better !



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