Word for the Month...AUGUST 2017

" I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."...[2 tIMOTHY 4:7] [nkjv]

The Bible clearly Informs us that we wrestle 'not with flesh and blood'... and our warfare is spiritual, not carnal. Therefore, Spiritual weapons are to be utilised...prayer and proclamation...the declaration of our Victory over all the forces of darkness through The Blood of Jesus Christ our Lord,,,,[Rev.12:11] and our continual reliance on The Holy Spirit , This is how we ...'fight the good fight'...!

In order to 'finish the race' we must keep our eyes on the final objective....our eternal home in Heaven...[Heb.12:1-3]. As we hold this prospect before ourselves, our sharpened focus will enable us to keep all in perspective and persevere to the end...

Then we will be able to say, along with Paul, ...'I have kept the faith.'

Every Year, there Is an event In London, as well as many other cities in the world, which captures the attention of millions, as well as gaining much media Interest. It Is the 'marathon run'...and thousands of entrants start off running the 261/4 miles with every Intention of crossing the finish line in a few hours ...or less !!!... Needless to say, there are many who do not make it !..for one reason or another...but the ones who do, prove that they are those who are able to endure and know that 'when the going gets tough...the tough get going'!!!

As we continue to study The Word of God we see that JESUS never promised His followers a '5-star Holiday camp' existence, despite the flowery rhetoric of so many 'silver-tongued modern-day preachers' !!! JESUS told them It would cost to follow HIM...and there were no 'short-cuts' ...or, as one Minister recently put it...'drive-through breakthroughs' !!!!...-It Is time to STOP LISTENING TO MAN AND START LISTENING TO.... JESUS .!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Do we really know what it means to be a 'living sacrifice'....???...[Rom.12:1-3].

 The One Who Crossed the finish line for us all... Is The Only One Qualified to tell us.. all.!!!

May The Lord Bless you.    

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