Word for the Month...DECEMBER 2022

"But who can endure the day of His coming ? And who can stand when He appears ?......"  Malachi 3:2,3 [nkjv]

Malachi is refering here to the 2nd Advent of Christ. The question is clear....are we ready ?...of course we can rejoice in the goodness and grace of The Lord, as many receive The Saviour during this Christmas season. They will receive new life In Christ, being born-again. All made possible through the 1st Advent of Christ....and subsequent Historical events...

Yet, The Holy Spirit wants the Church to awaken to the fact that Christ's 2nd Coming Is Imminent and...

The Bride must be ready for the Bridegroom.!!! 

The prophet Malalchi ministered some 400 yrs. prior to the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Yet,  he was given remarkable revelation of God's Master-plan concerning man's Salvation. Refining, purifying and purging may not seem to be in keeping with the celebration of Christ's 1st Advent..

.but the 'Bride' must be prepared for the 'Bridegroom'...!!!

Amidst the trappings and tinsel of the coming weeks, let us meditate on The Giver of the Greatest Gift to mankind...."Emmanuel...GOD with us " ...[Matthew.1:23]

and echo the words of the popular Carol .....' What can I give Him ?.................  give my heart.' 


May The Lord Bless you.

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