Word for the Month...JUNE 2016

"All things work together for good to those who are in Christ Jesus..." [Romans 8:28]

We read this verse with amazement...especially when we are in the midst of trials, tests and imponderable sufferings...!  Yet we must accept, however disagreeable at the time !, that God's Word is true and ...'He knows the path that we take'. His Master Plan is far greater than our temporal discomforts,,,He is shaping us in order for us to reach conformiity to the Image of Christ...! Joseph told his brothers...who had left him for dead , so many years previously...'You meant this for harm , but God turned it around for good'...The Result---- a whole nation was delivered from stavation due to famine...!!!!

How are we to react when A-L-L seems to be working against us ??? Let us remember that...' a setback is a setup for a comeback !'  We can CHOOSE to be a Victor ....not a... Victim...and allow The Lord to have His Way in our lives by completely trusting in HIM. Psalm 118:8 says that it is better to trust in The Lord than man...This happens to be the centre verse in the Bible so let us put this central theme into practice and 'In everything give thanks'...

May The Lord Bless you.

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