Word for the Month...MARCH 2016

"For if I preach the Gospel,I have nothing to boast of, for neccessity is laid upon me;yes, woe is me if I do not preach the Gospel !". [nkjv]

As we consider this chapter, in particular this verse in context, it is abundantly clear that Paul the apostle gave up a tremendous amount of 'rights' ... [not desires emanating from 'wishful thinking'] ...but legitimate entitlements...in order to be an effective leader and steward of the calling that God had laid upon him.Paul knew that ..he had to 'give up... to grow up.. and go up !

Did not Jesus say that a seed had to first die in order to bear fruit ?...[John 12:24]  Paul exemplified this daily dying to self so that many could come to Christ through his Ministry.

Unlike so may 'Professional Ministers' around today, Paul was willing to 'endure all things' for the sake of the Gospel...Are we following him as he followed Christ ?... or have we settled for the.. 'soft option'???...

May The Lord Bless you.

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