Word for the Month...OCTOBER 2022

"And The Lord said to him, 'Surely I will be with you, and you shall defeat the Midianites as one man'." [nkjv]

Throughout the Bible, we see time after time, a recurring theme...God chooses those things which are weak and despised in order to bring down the 'mighty'...In this case we are considering Gideon. He had plenty of excuses for not obeying The Lord, as did his predecessor Moses...[Exodus3 / 4]. We see here a man living in fear, oppressed by hostile forces, intent on annihilating him !...

Nevertheless...'ONE WITH GOD IS A MAJORITY'...!!!

The result of this Divine encounter was that of assurance..faith...action...success...!!!  Gideon took the right steps, in the right order, for the right purpose, to achieve the right result !!! because he had experienced the right Word of encouragement and Instruction from The Right One...The Lord Himself ! Armed with this Imparted knowledge and wisdom, Gideon realised his full potential and became all that The Lord Intended him to be....A Mighty man of valour...[v.13].  How are we to apply this inour own lives ? As those who would seek to follow in the footsteps of The Master...we need first and foremost such a Divine encounter with The Living God . It is not enough to know about God !!! We have to know Him personally !!!

Then we will receive life...courage...boldness...in order to achieve our potential and fulfil our destiny...as Disciples of Jesus.

May The Lord Bless you.

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