"Now Jericho was shut up because of the children of Israel: none went out and none came in". [nkjv]

There are numerous 'Barred Citadels' in the world today...and each one of them will [and must] give way to the King of Kings and The Lord of Lords and His People...sooner or later.!!! The Big question Is not...' How are we going to defeat the enemy ?'....the foe is ALREADY DEFEATED...but 'are we going to ACT IN FAITH and take the battle to him ?...The day of 'Fortress mentality Christianity' is well and truly over...every Christian must be prepared for 'Battle' with the armour on [Eph.6].Jesus Has told us that ALL AUTHORITY IS HIS...[MATTHEW 28:18-20]...We have nothing to fear or doubt.....Let Us take courage in this closing hour of world history and do exploits in HIS NAME.[Daniel 11:32b].

May The Lord Bless you.   

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