Kaplong Church has been Born !!!...after many years of travailing prayer from Mama and other faithful brethren a church has been born in the Sotik District of Kenya. Trainee Pastor Patrick has given testimony that several people have been saved, healed and delivered, during the time we were thereon our recent Ministry trip to Kenya and the Move of The holy Spirit continues unabated. !!!

please pray for those Saved...Peter, Bildad, Joseph and Martin...

Also pray for this fledgling Church....taht they receive the gift of discernment, and stay close to The Lord so as to grow into maturity.in Christ.Jesus....Thankyou. 

27 /10 /2010....................

We understand, from Brother Patrick, that the Elder Mama has donated a plot for a Church building.....PRAISE THE LORD !!!

Please pray that we obtain the resources and able manpower to constuct a suitable structure a.s.a.p.

THANKYOU .May The Lord Bless you.

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