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KENYA CHURCH REPORT                                                                            

Pastor Benson Sifuna ; Christian Foundation Church; L.D.M. Bungoma, Kenya.....

Greetings in Jesus Name. I have just taken possession of a new venue for our Church, consisting of an office and meeting hall; capacity 150-200 people. Ours is a growing Church here in N.W.Kenya. We are most grateful for the assistance given to us By L.D.M., in order to make this move possible. This is a Ministry that truly hears the voice of The Lord. Please get behind them and support them.                                                                    Pastor Benson Sifuna. 


Wednesday...4pm---6pm... House Group Meetings.

Friday...9pm---6am...Overnight Prayer Meeting.

Saturday...9am---12pm... Men's Meeting. /  2pm---4pm...Praise and Worship Prayer Meeting.

Sunday...8.30am---9.30am... Intercession Prayer / 09.30am---10.15am...Children's Group.

                 9.30am---10.15am...Bible Study & Teaching / 10.15am---12pm Church Service.


You planted a seed in Bungoma High school Computer Labs.the last time you were here. I am happy to report that the seed multiplied into 20 new computers miraculously ! It was a donation to the school by ' Kenya Computers for schools'.Praise The Lord !!!

You prayed with me whilst I was on a mission to Eldoret Polytechnic and I saw the move of God.It's God's hand through you, Rev. Rogers.One Lady student was delivered from committing suicide. She had made a secret decision to do this terrible deed. Praise The Lord, she is alive with a renewed committment to Christ.  Thankyou, Rev. Rogers ,for standing with us in prayer and giving me moral support.                                                                                                               Pastor Benson Sifuna, Christian Foundation Church, L.D.M.Bungoma.



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